Quick update on my life:

1. House went on the market 1/18
2. Got an offer 1/21
3. Have been negotiating with the potential buyer for 10 days, they are very unreasonable
4. They have until Friday to get back to us, in the meantime the house is off the market
5. Told my husband that when we sell the house we should separate
6. Not much response from him
7. I talked to him a couple more times and said I need to be involved in our finances
8. He brought home a few bills
9. Told him he better continue to include me, that I wasn’t making an empty threat
10. Figured out we can’t afford two places to live, so separating isn’t an option

I saw Art T on Monday and I decided to totally shut down, I couldn’t deal with any emotions. I have been too stressed out with the house and the marriage and the finances. It was like having a session with J. I told her everything that is going on, she asked some questions, then she did a lot of talking. Just like J did.

She said, “You are speaking so rationally.” (You mean, without emotion?)

She said that it seems my husband doesn’t “engage” and she asked if there has been anyone else in my life that was important to me who didn’t “engage.” I said that there was not.

She then went on to try to convince me that my parents didn’t engage with me.

First of all, I am not sure that is totally true, and second of all, what does that have to do with my husband?

She said it would be a good idea to journal about this, or think about it. Sure, I’ll do that.

5 thoughts on “Rational

  1. I’m sorry, Harriet, that sounds really stressful. what do you think you needed from Art T? It sounds like you didn’t get it.

  2. (((Harriet)))
    I am also sorry about how stressful things are in your life. I think that it makes sense that you would be shut down with so many things happening at the same time. I think that when I have a lot to do I do and don’t think about my feelings. Then when things slow down the feelings are waiting for me to pay attention.
    I hope the house sale goes through so you have one thing less to do.

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